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Important Facts About Cushings In Dogs That You Need To Know

Cushings is one of the most serious diseases in dogs. It affects dogs of every age. The disease happens when a tumor on the dog occurs at the Pituitary gland. The disease can be compared in one way or another like Cancer which is a very serious disease that affects normal human beings. The disease has a number of causes but one of the leading causes of the disease is genetics of the dogs. Recent research indicates that many dogs of an elderly age are usually affected by the disease. Therefore, this article explores the main facts about the disease that should be known to the entire world.


The disease can be prevented


The first fact about cushings disease in dogs is that it can be prevented. By preventing the disease from happening, one is usually doing a good thing to the dog to ensure that it does not get that disease. Therefore, it is very crucial to ensure that you do a number of things to ensure that the disease is mitigated. One, you need to ensure that you take the dog to a regular check up with a qualified doctor/veterinary officer who is able to identify any signs of the disease as early as possible. After doing this, you need to ensure that the dog is given immediately treatment if it is identified with the disease at all times. Early treatment will ensure that the dog survives.


The disease is a serious one


Another fact about the disease that you need to know is that it is really a serious one. This is simply because recent research indicates that many dogs usually suffer from it and only a few are able to survive. Therefore, it is important to take care of the dog efficiently.


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